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The dictionary says that a “chemical peel” is “the removal of skin blemishes or wrinkles by applying a caustic chemical, such as an acid, that produces a mild, superficial burn.” Don’t try blistering your face with sunlight to get a “free” chemical peel. What you’ll get is “free” skin cancer. That’s not the way a chemical peel works.Chemical peels work when an application of any one of several acid compounds is applied to the skin. After the application of an acid like alpha-hydroxy, trichloroacetic, or carbolic, the skin will appear to have been badly sunburned — but there have been no harmful UV rays used. Old skin will peel off over a period of several days and be replaced by new skin that is less wrinkled. Chemical peels are only effective for surface wrinkling — think fine lines. Chemical peel treatments are not effective for aging conditions like sagging jowls or drooping eyelids. Patients in their 20s are often given mild chemical peels. There are three different depths of peels that can be used: a mild or superficial peeling, a medium-depth peeling, or a deep peel. And very young people, particularly those in entertainment, can benefit from a mild chemical peel. Redness and swelling lasts about two weeks with a mild chemical peel. There are rules! People who have chemical peels must avoid exposure to sunlight for a period of time after the procedure. Sunlight can aggravate and prolong the symptoms, and after the new skin is formed, it will be very sensitive and will burn very easily. Chemical peels are most often preformed by a dermatologist’s or an aesthetician. At Deja Vu Spa, it is performed by a 30yrs skincare vetran, and is better that the drugs people take for this methods, since this can generate addictions, and people need to go to rehab centers from sites like https://www.eliterehabplacement.com/NorthDakota.



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